PDXGA – dev diary #6

I’ve spent most of the last week trying to figure out how to get nice maps to visualize EU4 save file data. I am not expert on graphics and map formats but after some try and error it seems I have a solution. No, maps are not yet available on PDXGA site but I have made tool to convert in-game map resources to work with web interface to present interactive maps and data. It still needs much work to produce results I will be satisfied and changes to some parts of web page, so I aim for September release.

In the meantime I have expanded global ledger by two important features:

  • Country names – now in addition to tags the full name of country is displayed in ledger tables
  • Charts for historical ledgers – whenever historical ledger is stored in file it can now be displayed per country from the global ledger table. There are four historical ledgers in EU4: country size (province count), yearly income, inflation and great power score, all of which are available from PDXGA global ledger

I have also tweaked ledger tables look a little bit and again removed some bugs in the code.

Next week I will be working on war ledger (war history) and in parallel continue to work on maps, as they are number one feature missing from the service.

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