PDXGA – dev diary #5

Another week, another feature. This week I’ve introduced the global ledger view, which you can see below on the screenshots and which shows the statistics for all countries in the game. Right now there are 20 parameters shown in the table split into general and military ones. This is a prelude to full feature which will cover all parameters (well, almost all) of countries split into 5-6 categories, and in the future also provinces and military/war ledgers.

I have also added another important feature – reparsing of files. Once uploaded the file can be re-parsed using the newest version of the parser engine, without a need to upload the file again. This feature is available only for files uploaded via registered account.

I also had a disappointment this week, when I’ve realized that collecting files into campaigns works only for single player games. I was hoping it would work for multiplayer campaigns as well, but it doesn’t – the campaign id between various saves in MP play through can be different and usually is.

In the areas which are not visible to users but are equally important, I have reworked the way I treat tokens, or “building blocks” of save files. I simplified the way I structure my data, which would allow for reduced cost of developing parsers for remaining data in EU4 and for other games as well.

What is next?

The focus right now is to finish the current stage of the ledger and the biggest challenge is to get countries’ display names in addition to country tags – I am sure that less experienced veteran players will appreciate this, and also for formable countries, the tags are a bit misleading – as the full name of the country may be different between games.

The rest of the features I am planning for this development period would be put on vote to see what potential users think.

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