Dev diary #4

From the developer’s diary #4

It’s been a slower week when it comes to the development of the tool, nevertheless what I’ve managed to do:
☑️ solved the problem with the speed of the system
☑️ added extraction of data on mercantilism and military professionalism
☑️ added extraction of income history data, country size, inflation. For now, only income history is presented on the website, the rest is sitting in the backend for now
☑️ as usual, I removed some errors in the code and added some visual fixes

I still encourage everyone to test the system – I already have the first user (no files yet) and the first real save from the multiplayer campaign (courtesy of the Polska Europa Universalis 4 and their 34th edition of the Games of Europe campaign )

Since I have fulfilled my assumptions for the initial development iteration started in April, there will be no big changes in the service in the near future (next 1-2 weeks). Now it’s time to start working on the second iteration that I want to finish at the beginning of September – details of what it will contain next week.

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