PDXGA – dev diary #7

The summer break for PDXGA is over and since mid-September, I am back to development. As indicated before the break, by the popular demand, the top feature request is map visualizations. I have spent most of my coding time on this, and by far this was the biggest challenge I had so far in the project. I probably could use a shortcut and re-utilize the code which is already there on the other EU4 site 😉, but I took a long way and started from scratch. This is a long, and for me an interesting story, but probably not so interesting for non-programmers, so I will describe the details of it in separate series. The end result so far is presented below:

As you can easily see it is not ready yet, but the most important parts which are the map itself, and data to supply the view is ready, so it is a matter of polishing this off. The initial release of the map view will include the following capabilities:

  • four switchable map modes: political (countries), religious, economy (tax, production, manpower), trade goods
  • zoomable and pannable
  • EU4 versions 1.29 and 1.30 only

That is not everything – as a minor improvement I have also introduced war ledger for saves, so now all wars, their outcomes, and casualties can be viewed for files parsed with the latest version of the tool.

As usual, I have noticed some bugs which were introduced in the process or not spotted earlier, which for now have been added to the backlog, but I promise they will not be forgotten. If you spot anything working badly or not working at all, just let me know!

Stay tuned for next diaries.

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