PDXGA – dev diary #19

Since my last diary a month ago I’ve been working on the smaller quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and enhancing HOI4 functionality.

War ledger for HOI4

For HOI4 files there is now a war ledger available, which shows the ongoing in-game wars. Details include starting date, number of casualties on both sides, and current score. That’s what it looks like:

Keep in mind that wars that already ended are not recorded by the save file, so the casualties do not reflect total casualties from all wars the country has participated in.

Changes to HOI4 maps

I have added a new map mode for HOI4 maps showing naval industrial capacity (docks). Also, the way I color maps for manpower has been improved significantly. Finally the occupied states are now shown in stripes, similarly to EU4 maps.

File parsing quality indication and Ironman indicator

Another change that is visible in the public files section is a visual indication of the quality of parsing done for a particular file (“how good the data is”) and if the file is marked as “Achievement allowed” (AA column). The parsing quality is a 0 to 1000 number with 1000 indicating that all values currently being parsed out from the file seem to be valid. In practice, the score for the properly parsed files is in the range 990-1000 as the quality evaluation cannot be perfect. Scores below 900 indicate that something probably did not work as intended or the file is some edge case. For the “Achievement allowed” please note that this is only a flag in a file – the game itself actually checks if the file has not been modified (checksum checking) before it accepts this flag as a true indicator for achievements being active. As the checksum calculation is based on user ID (such as Steam ID) it cannot be verified by PDXGA without knowing user id.

Other changes

There are some other changes introduced since mid-January:

  • support for HOI4 v 1.11 and EU4 v.1.31 and 1.32
  • improved ledger view file summary
  • added support for even larger files (containing more than 10 million internal elements)
  • added support for new character model introduced with HOI4 v. 1.11
  • improved the way country names are shown on HOI4 maps – they should now reflect 1:1 what is present in the game
  • bugfixes

Stay tuned for more updates!

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