PDXGA – dev diary #18

Happy New Year 2022!

As the end of the calendar year was quite busy for me, I did not have a chance to work as much as I wished on the PDXGA. However, at the beginning of January, I’ve released a couple of updates, such as:

  • support for Hearts of Iron 4 version 1.11 (Barbarossa) and “No Step Back” DLC, including new commanders model and new buildings (railways, supply hubs)
  • support for Europa Universalis 1.31 and 1.32
  • major rework of the statistics section
  • expansion of HOI4 ledgers to provide more information, such as detailed resources data and planes count
  • minor bugfixes

I am particularly happy with the new colorful statistics section, which now shows the breakdown of files’ game versions present in PDXGA and better reflects the changes over time:

The plan for the coming weeks is to further enhance the HOI4 ledger and maps, and prepare for Victoria 3 – hopefully, the format of savefile will not change much compared to other von Clausewitz games.

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