PDXGA dev diary #21

As promised in the previous dev diary, Victoria 3 is now supported by PDXGA. As with other games, you can now upload Victoria 3 save files either in binary or text format, and the file will be parsed. The uploaded files are now visible in the new tab in the Public/User files view.

Public / User files view with Victoria 3 tab

Right now there are two views available for V3 files. The traditional file details view and population statistics. The file details are similar to EU4 and HOI4 file details view:

Victoria 3 file details view

The global ledger now contains only data related to pops – there are 12 charts illustrating global population statistics – by pop type, pop culture, and pop religion. Two main charts I’ve used to visualize data are bubble charts showing the wealth and literacy of the pops group, where the size of the bubble corresponds to the size of the group.

Bubble chart showing pop types average wealth and literacy rates

The other chart type is a tree map where the field of the rectangle corresponds to the size of the pop group. You can zoom and pan the chart with your mouse to get into these small pop groups. Most charts have filters to limit the data shown on the graph to top 20 (in terms of population size) cultures and to filter out peasants (as peasants are a much bigger population group than all other pop types.

Treemap chart showing religions cultural composition

This is just the beginning – more data will come for other aspects of the game, such as the economy, in the future.

The near future plans for January 2023 are around PDXGA performance to make the system more responsive and reduce the number of cases when the parsing fails for edge cases of very big game files or modded games.

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