PDXGA – dev diary #15

HOI4 support is finally there. It was harder than I thought because I need to do a lot of code rework on the fronted side to accommodate a new game. I have also found that my parsing code is not that good, and while I have managed to successfully parse most HOI4 files the code got messy in the process, and change my roadmap priorities. Anyway, it works for the most part, and the initial release has following features:

  • HOI4 files upload and parsing – binary and text formats
  • File details page
  • Global ledger
  • Economical ledger
  • Commanders ledger
  • User files and view by tag views now support both EU4 and HOI4 files, and the tagging system works for HOI4 as well

The picture below summarizes this nicely (I think):

This is quite a modest feature set compared to EU4 support, so the next batch for PDXGA improvements will be focused on adding things like:

  • maps (political, infrastructure, industry, manpower modes for a start)
  • charts – unfortunately there is limited amount of play-through history data stored in the savefile, so I mostly think about data from multiple files combined

As I’ve mentioned, the first priority will be a major parser rework, so the HOI4 features will need to work for a short while, but stay tuned – the improvement are coming.

As a bonus here is the peek preview of the HOI4 province map, which I converted to a vector format. I know that is practically unreadable in the current form, but if you look hard enough you will see it 🙂

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