PDXGA – dev diary #13

In case you have wondered what happened to the PDXGA in the last month – the answer is simple – “busy with other stuff”. I had a crazy end of the year in my day job and then needed to relax for some time. But I’ve made it to 2021 and hope it will be a good year for everyone and for the PDXGA as well.

Starting with updates – I have finished working on the PDXGA desktop client. It is now available from Microsoft Store (free application), here is the link to it: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NWK5JDWTFFG

You need to have a PDXGA account with API access enabled to use the application, so please reach me out on Discord or Facebook to enable API access. The client allows you to automatically upload save files to the PDXGA service even when you play Europa Universalis, so with the autosave enabled you can have a full history of your play-through saved for the analysis in PDXGA.

I have already switched to new things, namely Hearts of Iron IV support. The initial version of the parser shall be ready in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll seek players feedback on what kind of stats would be useful for them.

Other things on the roadmap for Q1 2021 are:

  • quality of life / UX improvements on the PDXGA site
  • more map modes for EU4
  • better aggregation of data for saves coming from multiplayer EU4 games saved by different hosts

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