PDXGA – dev diary #12

It was quiet last week, as I haven’t had any interesting news to share, but today it’s different. If you follow the PDXGA development news, you know that the desktop client for PDXGA service is now in the works. I have the first results to share with you here:

As you can see in the picture above, the PDXGA Desktop client is now partially working. What I have so far:

  • the main screen for navigation to other screens that shows and let the user manipulate a list of files to be synced up to the PDXGA service
  • the code to copy files in the background and follow changes to savefiles
  • the code to authenticate to backend API
  • the settings screen where all client-side configuration can be changed

I need to modify the backend API code to handle upload and test everything before I’d be able to submit the client for the Microsoft certification process. Yes, the application will be available through Microsoft Store, and I am not planning now to release the Mac OS or Linux version of it since the vast majority of PDXGA players are on Windows 10 anyway.

That is all for now, but here are two more screenshots from the client.

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