PDXGA dev diary #23

There are two updates to the PDXGA.

Improved performance

Continuing on the activities described in the previous dev diary, I improved the performance of PDXGA by introduction of caching. Most notably, the list of all files loads significantly faster, and all pages will load much faster if reloaded. The improvement is not yet over – I know how slow individual data file pages are. I will work on improving these in the coming weeks.

Victoria 3 historical data visualizations

Originally I planned to provide goods’ prices information, but it turned out that this information is not always present in the save file, so instead, I’ve decided to visualize historical data present in the file, which includes:

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Population
  • SoL (Standard of Living)

This data is available per country with fairly high resolution, so now you can see them per country in the three new tabs of V3 file ledger. Unfortunately, in many cases, the history does not cover the whole playthrough.

In addition to per country history, you can also visualize the top 10 countries in the given statistic:

As we have population and GDP, I have also added GDP per capita history:

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